Logo: Pauline McGee artwork collage
B.A (Hons) Degree in fine art, Glasgow School of Art, 1982
Post Graduate Diploma in Art Therapy, St. Albans, 1987
Post Graduate Diploma in Person Centred Counselling, Strathclyde University, 1995
Certificate in Child Protection Studies, Dundee University, 1999
Registered with BAAT and Health Professions Council
BACP Accredited member
List of publications
McGee, P. (2012) In Hogan, S (ed) Revisiting Feminist Approaches to Art Therapy New York: Berghahn Books.
Art Therapy Newsbriefing (Autumn 2006) pp 18 – 22, pp 34- 37
Book review: McGee, P. (2006) Can You Read Me? Creative Writing with Child and Adult Victims of Abuse. Inscape, volume 11, Number 2,
pp 123 - 125
McGee, P. (2007) In Spring, D (ed) Art In Treatment. Transatlantic Dialogue. Illinois: Charles Thomas. Publisher, Ltd.
McGee, P. (2006) In Scoble, S (ed) European Arts Therapy. Grounding The Vision. Devon: University of Plymouth Press.
Scottish Child: Wild at Art! (December 1991) pp 18 -21 Edinburgh
Presentation to conferences
The Art of Art Therapists, presented at British Association of Art Therapists AGM 2006 and 2007

What's the Story? (2007) The Sixth Exeter Arts and Therapies Conference (EATc).
Paper Presentation - Time, Place, Form and Space (PDF) PDF icon

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Art Therapy and Life Space, The Effect of Art Creation on Brain Functions (2006) Nordic Art Therapy Seminar, Iceland.
Paper Presentation - How destructive is a secret?
Arts Therapies in Partnership, 'How arts therapists are supporting children and young people in Scotland' (2006) Scottish Arts Therapies Forum, Stirling
ECArTE Eighth European Arts Therapies Conference, (2005) Crete. Discussion group-'Establishing liaison in arts therapies across Europe.' Poster presentation - Art therapy in Scotland.
Paper - Does engaging with their own artwork protect art therapists, working with childhood sexual abuse, from Vicarious Traumatisation?
Being Seen, Being Heard, The Creative Core of Art Therapy (2005) Scottish Arts Therapies Forum. Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh
Creating Partnerships, Relationship between the Arts Therapies and Arts in Health (2005) Scottish Arts Therapies Forum
Health and well-being of Young People (2002 & 2003) Schools Conference, Falkirk.
What's all the noise about? (2002) Open Secret, Falkirk.
Art Therapy within the voluntary sector (2003) Glasgow Health Board.
The Arts as Medicine (2001) Scottish Arts Council and Glasgow Health Board.
Media interviews
RÚV - National Icelandic Broadcasting Service (June 2006) TV interview on news programme 'Kastljós' (in English: 'Spotlight')
Central FM (2002, 2003): Working in the Voluntary Sector
BBC Radio Scotland (1994): The Healing Arts
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